Need 2 Speed League

Pro League
Per League Night
6-Week League
Every Monday at 6:30PM
April 1 – May 6, 2019
$59 League Entry Fee at sign-up
Discounted practice races available Monday through Thursday (excluding Holidays)
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American E-Kart Championship
League Fee (one-time only)
8-Week AEKC League
Every Thursday at 7:00PM
May 30 - July 25
$399 due at sign-up
Discounted practice races available Monday through Thursday (excluding Holidays)
Same racing format AEKC National Championship in Chicago.
Racers will earn AEKC qualifying points for the final shootout.
National Champion will win $10,000 in Chicago this summer!
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Pro League Standings

RACERWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Top 5 Total
Eric The Monster222220242324115
Tanner Schultz232324212022113
Jerry P212423182418110
Dallas Colodny242221202022109
Action Jackson202518222121109
Logan :D19-20222224107
Jeff Pulliam21212220-20104
Captain Slow17191619181790
Laloni Moell-1515-161662
Sheri Kovac-1718-19-54

AEKC Standings

RACERLeagueTourneyLeagueEnduroLeagueAEKC LeagueTotal
Dallas Colodny19216542
FedEx Kid16319341
Jerry P2011738
Logan :D1513331
Tanner Schultz
Action Jackson16218
Jeff Pulliam1212
Captain Slow1010
Sheri Kovac57
Laloni Moell66
Racer for Hire55
James Schatz22
Michael Friedel11
Jessey Merritt11

League FAQs

What does the league champion receive?
More fame than fortune. We will post league results on our website every week and recognize winners on our website, Facebook page, and a plaque at the track. In addition, we will have some small prizes for the top league finishers.
How is the league champion determined?
Each League Night features a Main Event that will award points based on finishing position. Points will accumulate over the course of the 6-week league, and the competitor with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned champion.
How much time commitment does league require?
League night competitions last approximately 1-1.5 hours.
Is this a team competition?
No. League participants will compete and accumulate points as individual competitors.
How is league night structured?
Each League Night will consist of three races:
  • 12-Lap Practice
  • 14-Lap Qualifier
  • 16-Lap Main Event
Each league night will involve special “challenges” to help crown a champion.
Why is there a league entry fee?
The League Entry fee is designed to encourage all racers to participate for the full duration of the league. League Night races are steeply discounted, but these races are only available to league members.
What is the cost to participate?
The League Entry Fee is $59. Each League Race Night costs $35.
What is the difference between sport and pro leagues?
The Pro League is for the fastest racers who can consistently lap the track in under 25 seconds. The Sport League is an introductory league for racers who typically lap the track in 25.0-25.9 seconds.


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