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“The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.” This quote from Phil Jackson simplifies the importance of team building in just two sentences. A team is filled with a variety of different people from different backgrounds and with varying strengths that must work in harmony to be successful. While doing company- or work-related activities can certainly strengthen the bond and connection of your team, sometimes skipping the run-of-the-mill team building activities, letting loose, and having fun can work wonders in ways you never thought. Here are some ways that getting the team together for a good time can work in their benefit.

Friendly Competition:-
There are very few motivators for people than the competition. It pushes each member to exceed and win. In a low-pressure setting like a game, or say…an indoor kart race, the fight to the finish can allow people out of their shell, to get inventive, and have fun while doing it. Pro tip: Keep the competition friendly. Sore losers or boastful winners can switch the mood quickly. Don’t worry though. Our team building days are organized to be fun, light, and exciting.

Put Your Heads Together:-
When the stakes are raised, it can inspire some decent ideas. Team members will share their thoughts, combine their ideas, and come out with some inventive strategies on how to come out on top. Once peaceful collaboration has been practiced in team building activities, it will be much easier for your members to bring the same philosophy to the workplace.

Whether you’re looking to solely have a good time or to let loose in between more serious work, team building is a vital piece to creating a successful team. Luckily for you, we have a 50- person conference room and special packages for your next team building event in Reno. We’re positive it will give the members some extra motivation…and speed.

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