Fun Events Reno: Before the I Do’s

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Fun Events Reno: Before the I Do’s

Planning a bachelor party can be a heck of an undertaking. But why make it more complicated than it needs to be? Fun events in Reno are happening all the time, so selecting the perfect bachelor party activity for your best friend or family member should be a piece of cake.Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re planning a bachelor party in Reno.


Tips for Hosting a Bachelor Party in Reno

Cater to the grooms interests – Surprises are always fun. But when you’re going to surprise the groom for his bachelor party, make sure that you’re doing an activity that he’s interested in. It’s easy to think about what you would like to do, but remember, the groom is the priority and the man of the hour. If the groom is really into the outdoors, you could consider a camping trip or a cabin. If they love race cars, you could think about bringing the bachelor party in Reno to Need 2 Speed for an indoor kart racing experience.


Don’t do anything too dangerous – If you don’t want the bride to come after you, do something that is safe, yet will still give the groom that fun experience they are looking for. A bachelor party in Reno should be exciting. After all, the city is booming with nightlife and plenty of outdoor activities nearby. But it should also keep in mind that the groom needs to arrive in one piece for the wedding.

Instead of going out to the club or hiking, bring thebachelor party in Reno to Need 2 Speed. Before riders are allowed in the karts, they will be briefed on safety and kart operation from the staff. They are also required to wear a helmet, making sure that all of those involved stay safe during their races. Need 2 Speed also has the best barrier system available. It is low in height so drivers have more visibility, and the track absorbs impact to reduce the risk of serious injury. The karts can even be stopped remotely if needed. It would be an awesome place for a bachelor’s amusement in Reno.


Consider budgetsof others involved – Weddings are already very expensive. When you’re in charge of planning fun events in Reno like a bachelor party, you want to make sure you are keeping the activity within a reasonable budget. Not everyone can afford to jet-set to NY for the weekend or go to Cabo for an extended vacation. So when you’re planning something for the bachelor, be mindful of everyone’s budget. You can even ask the other members of the party what their budget would be to be more inclusive of all those involved.


Do something unique – The last thing you want to do when you’re throwing your buddy a bachelor party in Reno is to throw him a generic party. You want to throw a party that is unique and something that the bachelor will remember during this exciting time. There aren’t many places where you can get competitive with your friends while traveling at speeds of up to 45mph and then play mini-golf after. But at Need 2 Speed, you’re able to do just that, making it one of the most unique experiences available in Reno.


Need 2 Speed to the Wedding

When you’re planning a bachelor party in Reno, don’t forget about Need 2 Speed. As the only indoor kart racing facility in Reno, you will give your buddies a night to remember as they speed around the track and enjoy their freedom before the big day. Call us today at 775-851-7223 to reserve your seats and give your favorite bachelor the best possible send off as he feels the Need 2 Speed to marry the woman of his dreams!

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